imoo Watch Phone Z5

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• Realtime HD Video Call: The parents can monitor their kids’ location and surrounding with 5MP wide camera.

• 7 types of Accurate Locating: Track the location based on GPS+ Base Station + A-GPS+ WIFI+ Glonass + Accelerometer+ Positioning Camera Assistance.

• Family chat: The children can send pictures and voice message to chat with their parents through the group chat function.

• 4G Network: Bringing Better Signal and Clearer Call.

• Class Mode: Your child will not be distracted during class when the class mode is actived.

• Add Friends: The children can easily add friends that come with imoo watch phone.

• Swimming Water-Resistance: Has a water resistance rating of 20 meters, allowing usage of light water activities like swimming in pools or oceans.

• Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100: Powerful Performance for amazing experience. Specifications:

• Processor: Snapdragon Wear2100

• System: Android 7.1

• Memory: 512MB RAM + 4GB ROM

• Camera: 5MP with 84.4° wide angle

• Screen: 1.41 inch AMOLED

• Resolution: 320 x 360 px

• Network: Up To 4G

• Battery: 680mAh

• Locating: 7 AI GPS locating