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【VOOC Flash Charge】OPPO VOOC Flash Charge Powerbank
Model : PBV-01

Output : Single Output
Output Voltage : VOOC (5V/2A), Super VOOC (10V/2A)
Input : Type C
Capacity : 10000mAh
Weight: Ultra Slim and Light

【OPPO exclusive power-bank】This power bank is created by OPPO where this power bank has use its own OPPO technology. In which this OPPO power bank has a MCU chip that able to identify which OPPO model that the user using. After that the MCU chip will activate its own intelligent switch to charge using the correct voltage to charge your OPPO phone. For example, if that OPPO phone is only able to support VOOC, then the powerbank and cable will switch to VOOC fast charge. If your phone is able to support super VOOC, then the MCU chip will straight away switch to super VOOC mode to charge your OPPO phone. 

【Compatible to VOOC/ Super VOOC and other android phone】This new powerbank tend to design support OPPO mobile phone. Reason this PBV-01 power bank tend to design for OPPO phone is because this powerbank has the MCU Chip that ensure the OPPO phone will not damage the component and hardware while charging. Besides that this powerbank not only for OPPO phone but it also compatible for other android phone as well.

【Fast Charge Protocols and Low Current Charge】 Supports fast charge protocols, and can smartly detect your device to adjust output power according to your phone model. By pressing two time the power button  the power bank will switch to low current mode  charge to your current devices that required low mAh devices such as Bluetooth headsets and other wearable devices .

【15 Layers of Safety Protection】Thanks to technology advancement OPPO has use its  in house technology to create multiple layer of safety protection. By having these features, the power bank will start to protect your devices. So when your devices connect to the power bank, the power bank will start to activate its safety protection to prevent your devices being overcharge, overheating and short-circuit.

【Light and Portable】 This PBV power bank is tend to design light and compact. So, it allow users to hand carry this power bank just like hand held devices. Besides, since this power bank is compact and portable. So it allow users can put either in bag, hand bag, luggage and pocket as well. This power bank, it bring a lot of benefit for traveler to put either in bag pack, hand bag or pocket. Thus, this power bank allow users to bring it anytime and anywhere.

OPPO Exclusive Powerbank
Support VOOC and Super VOOC
2 different mode
15 Layer of Safety Protection
Light and Portable

Oppo VOOC PBV01 Flash Charge Power Bank

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  • 1 Year

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